Motor oils

The process of improving the efficiency of an engine process is constantly improving in the automotive industry. The world's most famous automakers work on the increase of power and fuel efficiency for a given capacity. But this progress is not possible without simultaneously increasing the performance properties of motor oils.

AREOL oils and technical fluids are manufactured using modern technology and satisfy the strictest requirements of automobile manufacturers. Modern production process and AREOL testing laboratory make it possible to develop and various oils for the vehicles of many international manufacturers

Here you can find the AREOL motor oil catalog.

Premium-grade synthetic low ash (MID SAPS) Motor oil for gasoline and diesel engines. Meets the latest requirements of the leading European manufacturers. Ensures reliable work of the engine as well as increases service life of exhaust catalytic converters and diesel particulate filters. Recommended for diesel engines with pump and injector unit and turbocharging.


MB 229.51/229.52
VW 505.00/505.01
Dexos 2
BMW Longlife-04  

Containers available:

Capacity Art. № EAN13 Number
1 liter 5W30AR007 4057276588219
4 liters 5W30AR008 4057276588226
5 liters 5W30AR006 4057276587755
20 liters 5W30AR035 4057276618589
60 liters 5W30AR036 4057276618596
205 liters 5W30AR037 4057276618602

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