MaxProtectOilMax Protect

Motor in your car works in severe conditions: temperature ranges from - 50 to 250 °С, pressure goes up to 100 mPa. There is exposure to oxygen and various gases from the combustion chamber. There is contact with metals, water and fuel which have not yet burnt. Under such conditions not every type of Motor oil can protect your engine for the entire period recommended by the car manufacturer. AREOL Max Protect oil range has been specifically designed to withstand high engine pressure. Due to the anti-seize and wear-preventive additives Max Protect provides reliable protection in severe operating conditions.


EcoProtectOilEco Protect

The ECO Protect range of specialized oils falls into the Mid SAPS category and is classified by ACEA as C3. Due to reduced sulfur compounds (S) and phosphorus (P), as well as reduced ash content, these oils are fully compatible with modern systems for neutralizing exhaust gases, and are also suitable for vehicles fitted with diesel particulate filters (DPF). Moreover, AREOL oils of the ECO Protect range have improved anti-wear and extreme pressure properties, and therefore ensure maximum wear protection for the engine, forming a special protective film over the friction parts.


EcoEnergiOilEco Energy

The range of synthetic base motor oils with reduced viscosity. Provides protection to modern gasoline engines of new design with smaller volume equipped with direct injection and turbo charged. Prevents LSPI (Low Speed Pre-Ignition) and minimizes “glow ignition” to ensure a long engine life. Increases critical load resistance and protects from high temperatures. It guaranties fuel economy and reduces harmful emissions.




Trans Truck

Diesel engines are more oil-demanding due to higher workloads and temperatures, and also to higher sulfur content in the fuel. Thanks to the additives with organometallic molybdenum compounds, AREOL Trans Truck oils can guarantee complete engine protection under the most difficult operating conditions. Due to the diversity of various additives used, TransTruck oils are multi-grade and can be used in gasoline vehicles, in passenger vehicles with diesel engines and also in heavy trucks.



TransTruckEcoOilTrans Truck Eco

A range of special all season Motor oils for truck diesel engines are oils that meet the most modern environmental standards and have outstanding energy-saving properties. Based on the use of modified anti-wear additives, having less ash and lower alkalinity, these oils are designed for vehicles with exhaust systems with diesel particulate filters (DPF) and SCR urea neutralization systems, meeting ASEA E6 and E9 requirements.соответствующие требованиям АСЕА Е6 и Е9.



Лого Мото


Moto is a line of mineral and synthetic oils designed for 2,4-stroke motor-cycles' and other small vehicles' engines.
They secure optimal engine operation, protection and cleanliness.




GearOilGear Oils

AREOL offers a variety of synthetic and mineral gear oils to meet most requirements of any engine manufacturer. There are oils for modern automatic transmissions and for transmissions of used cars, universal oils for manual gearboxes and for power steering, as well as lubricants for high-loaded hypoid gears. AREOL transmission lubricants ensure precise gear shifting and protect gears against wear in a wide range of temperatures.