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AREOL motor oil ranges

For passenger cars and light trucks
Max Protect
Synthetic and semi-synthetic oils
Designed to protect and prolong the service life of engines, including in severe conditions in case of:
  • moving in urban settings
  • frequent short trips
  • extremely high and low operating temperatures
  • towing and driving with a trailer
Eco Protect
Synthetic oils
Designed for vehicles with the latest exhaust toxicity reduction systems and turbocharging
Saves the resource of particulate filters, three-component catalysts
Provides minimum oil consumption for carbon monoxide
Eco Energy
Synthetic oils
Have excellent low-temperature properties:
  • easy start-up
  • engine protection
Help reduce fuel consumption
For heavy-duty road and off-road vehicles
Trans Truck
Synthetic, semi-synthetic, mineral oils
Helps to prolong engine service life:
  • protect at high operating loads and temperatures
  • maintain the cleanliness of parts
Trans Truck Eco
Synthetic oils
Designed for engines with extended oil change intervals
Meet Euro 4/5/6 toxicity standards
Ensure the purity of toxicity reduction systems (DPF, EGR)
For motorcycles and other small machinery
Mineral and synthetic oils
Designed for 2.4-stroke engines of motorcycles and other small machinery
Ensure optimal engine operation, protection and cleanliness

AREOL gear oil range

Gear Oils
Mineral and synthetic oils and fluids
AREOL Gear Oils is a range of standard and improved mineral and synthetic oils and fluids with DEXRON, MERCON, API formulations to ensure efficient gearshift operation, protection and prolongation of the service life of gearboxes, steering boxes