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Motorcycle engines operate under high loads, since the vehicles are often used in challenging weather and road conditions. That is why power plants require high-quality lubrication and effective cleaning of components from deposits. And this is where synthetic motorcycle oils come into play. Lubricants also remove heat, prevent the formation of corrosion spots and contribute to fuel efficiency.

High-quality synthetic motor oils for motorcycles are offered by AREOL, a German producer. The lubricants are manufactured according to unique recipes using base oils of groups III+ and IV, as well as modern additives of such brands as Infineum, Lubrizon, Neste and Afton.

AREOL products were certified in compliance with API, ACEA, SAE and ILSAC certificates.

Mineral or synthetic oil for a bike?

The German brand presents the Moto series oils labeled 10W-40, which include both mineral and synthetic products:

  1. Moto 2T.

These are mineral motor oils for 2-stroke engines that operate under high loads. They contain modern additives that determine the advantages of the product, including its smokelessness.

The lubricant has a red tint, which makes it easy to control its presence in the fuel mixture.

  1. Moto 4T.

Premium synthetic motor oil was developed with the consideration of the features of 4-stroke engines of various types (with either wet or dry clutch, as well as with air or liquid cooling). The main “consumers” of the product are high–powered motorcycles.

Both products can be used on scooters, ATVs. These products have a long shelf life (5 years) and they are supplied in a convenient small container with a volume of 1 litre.

So which motor oil is better for a bike? There is no definite answer, because all conditions must be taken into account. Thus, the optimum performance on European roads can be achieved with the help of synthetic oils, but this is an expensive product. Besides, only mineral oils are suitable for engines with mileage, because these oils gently and gradually remove deposits, and they do not act in an aggressive manner like synthetic oils.

Rules for choosing the viscosity grade

In order for the lubricant to work, it must have an optimum viscosity, i.e. fluidity, and maintain it at low and high temperatures. The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) distinguishes three groups of motor oils by viscosity: winter, summer and all-season. The AREOL brand offers all-season lubricants for motorcycle engines: such products can be used at any temperature, which is important in unpredictable weather conditions.

Our motor oil selection tool will help you find the right product online as soon as possible. Specify the make and model of the bike, the type of its engine and check the list of products that meet your requirements.

You can find out where you can buy AREOL synthetic oils for motorcycles in bulk here. This page contains a detailed list of official distributors who work with the products of the German producer.

Synthetic motor oils for motorcycles

program selection
Transmission type
Type of oil
Article: 10W40AR122
Type of oil
1 L
Type of engine
Petrol, Diesel


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