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Automechanika Frankfurt 2022 is over!
The time has come to share the news that Automechanika is over! And that means that the positive and vibrant emotions remain and we are happy to share them with you.
Welcome to Automechanika Frankfurt 2022!
We are pleased to inform you that the world's largest trade fair for the automotive industry in Frankfurt Automechanika 2022 has reopened its doors! Our team will proudly present 4 major brands: STELLOX (auto parts), AREOL (motor and transmission oils), EDCON (batteries) and ZENTPARTS (auto parts).
Engine oil additives: when are they effective?
Every car enthusiast knows about the important role of the lubricant in the life of the engine: along with the main function, it performs a number of others, and both the quality of the engine and its service life largely depend on it. But when it comes to engine oil additives, the friendly family of car enthusiast splits into two classic camps - supporters of their use and skeptics. There are no opponents in this matter, because it won’t get worse (however, we are not talking about their thoughtless use - in this case, troubles can be done), but whether they will be useful - let's figure it out.
Tips for changing engine oil: how to do it better
A novice driver becomes a car enthusiast not when he receives a driver's license, but when he refuels the car for the first time, learns from his older comrades to check the level of lubricating fluid with a dipstick, and on their advice does it regularly. Which means already at the very beginning of the driver's journey many understand the importance of fuel and lubricants during the operation of the car.