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Motor Oil AREOL ECO Energy DX1 0W-20 5L
Article: 0W20AR068

Motor Oil AREOL ECO Energy DX1 0W-20 5L

Article: 0W20AR068
Type of oil
ECO Energy
1 L
4 L
5 L
Type of equipment
Type of engine
Petrol, Diesel

Fully synthetic power-saving motor oil. High-quality base oil and a unique additive package guarantee quick and reliable oil flow to all engine parts at critically low temperatures, ensure easy engine start and protection. The use of this oil helps to reduce fuel consumption and the emission of harmful substances, to prevent “premature ignition” – Low Speed P re-Ignition (LSPI). Recommended for gasoline engines, including those equipped with turbocharging and direct injection. Meets the requirements of Asian and American manufacturers (Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi and others).

Density at 15 °C, kg/l 0,843
Viscosity -35 °C, mPa·c 4940
Viscosity 40 °C, mm²/c 44
Viscosity 100 °C, mm²/c 8,6
Viscosity Index 178
Flash Point COC, °C 222
Pour Point, °C -36
Total Base Number, mgKOH/g 8,5
Sulphate Ash, % 0,89
Specifications and permits
Specifications Permits (manufactured after February 2021)
API SP Resource Conserving


GM dexosl™ Gen 2

Chrysler MS 6395

Ford WSS-M2C947-A/B1 / WSS-M2C962-A1
Specifications Permits (manufactured before February 2021)
API SN Resource Conserving


GM dexos1 ™ Gen 2 Chrysler MS 6395
Product information (manufactured after February 2021)
Safety Data Sheet (manufactured after February 2021)
Product information (manufactured before February 2021)
Safety Data Sheet (manufactured before February 2021)

Provides easy start-up at low temperatures

Has high protective properties at low temperatures

Helps to reduce fuel consumption