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Motor Oil AREOL ECO Protect C-4 5W-30 1L
Article: 5W30AR123

Motor Oil AREOL ECO Protect C-4 5W-30 1L

Article: 5W30AR123
Type of oil
ECO Protect
1 L
4 L
5 L
Type of equipment
Type of engine
Petrol, Diesel

State-of-the-art low ash motor oil – Low SAPS – based on synthetic base stocks and modern additives package. It provides maximum protection of engine parts against wear-out, corrosion and airing, fast cold start, competent lubricating film of rubbing pairs at high temperatures. It helps to decrease fuel consumption. It is advisable for use in petrol and diesel engines with or without turbocharging.

Density at 15 °C, kg/l 0,849
Viscosity -30 °C, mPa·c 6320
Viscosity 40 °C, mm²/c 72,8
Viscosity 100 °C, mm²/c 12,4
Viscosity Index 170
Flash Point COC, °C 216
Pour Point, °C -39
Total Base Number, mgKOH/g 6,6
Sulphate Ash, % 0,49
Specifications and permits
Specifications Permits
ACEA C4 MB 229.51/226.51 Renault RN0720
Product information:
Safety Data Sheet:

Designed for vehicles with the latest exhaust toxicity reduction systems and turbocharging

Saves the resource of particulate filters, three-component catalysts

Provides minimum oil consumption for carbon monoxide

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